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16:53 2019-09-17

I set up a simple music streaming webpage! It uses APlayer, a very simple
yet beautiful music player. Take a look at it!



08:21 2019-09-16

I think I found a way to archive pixiv accounts easily. I'll just go
around downloading random accounts that I like, and I'll also take requests
along the way. I'm not going to take the time to update the website in
its fancy formatted glory, but I'll upload it, and just change a text file
showing all of the downloaded accounts.

You can then email me requesting a download and I'll /then/ post the
link onto the pixiv archives page. I feel like that will be easier for me
and everyone else. This method obviously adds a waiting time window, but
I think it will work out in the end.

wired 02 is uploaded. I'll continue hardcoding Lain until I finish. Maybe
one episode every day? Seems pretty good to me.


22:07 2019-09-14

Hm, no new pixiv archives coming soon. Send your requests!

I'm planning on hardcoding Lain and slapping it on some filehosts.
Watch it together, perhaps?

12:13 2019-09-12

More uploads:

ryota (990017)     | [55MB]
富岡二郎 (16938052) | [124MB]

There were some updates to some other already uploaded artists, but
I can't find an easy way to update the links. Yeah, I can quickly create
the 7z and rclone it to the drive, but actually /updating/ the website
fast, is an issue. I'm currently sorting the artists by update time
(oldest to newest), but I think I'm going to change that to sort by name.

Time will tell what I will do in the end.


15:17 2019-09-11

Never forget.

Yesterday, I added two more artists to the archive.

kenshin187 (3444594, R-18) | [441MB]
banishment (23223750)      |[1.55GB]

I need to figure out why Colab keeps randomly nuking my sessions. It's
beginning to become impossible to do anything and leave it alone. If
anyone has an idea on how to fix this other than constantly making new
Google accounts, that would be greatly appreciated.


12:08 2019-09-10

New day, new artists. Some were archived yesterday, but I did it
after I made the blog posts. Edited post suck. (I do it too.)

 (53928)                        | [1.04GB]
Mika Pikazo (1039353)           | [424MB]
猫月ユキ (2077206)               | [397MB]

^^ Curses! Unicode scuffs my perfect table.

How are people feeling? It's the start of the school year for me,
and some people are already not faring too well with it. For me,
it's not too difficult, but more frustrating. I'm not the type to get
many questions correct, and the proof is right there. I get more
stressed out while trying to take notes during study, than having to
right my wrong answers.

Maybe it's just me. I don't know.

Best of luck to everyone!


17:33 2019-09-09
Added R-18 warnings to the artists that have that content in their works.
Take a look: https://ztgasdf.neocities.org/pixiv.html

I also added another artist.
未琴圭@土曜日西2つ-12b (3649884, R-18) | [330MB]


13:54 2019-09-08
So it begins. I got sick of Heliohost's slow CPanel interface,
and I finally caved in and decided for something simpler and faster.

Greetings, Neocities. I hope you will take care of me.